Operational Group (OG) “ProcessPig”

The primary goal is to promote animal welfare-friendly husbandry conditions

Data-driven process analysis for context-sensitive management of functional areas to reduce emissions and promote animal welfare in free-ventilated pig houses with outdoor runs.

The EIP project ProcessPig aims to develop a monitoring tool for recording behavioral patterns in free-ventilated pig houses with structured functional areas depending on climatic conditions. This tool is based on automated recording of animal behavior and sensor data as well as AI-supported methods for data-driven process analysis of behavioral patterns. The primary goal is to promote animal welfare-friendly housing conditions and reduce ammonia emissions in free-ventilated pig houses. By identifying deviations in animal behavior using key indicators, the tool to be developed enables efficient monitoring, alerting and control of climatic actuators. It can thus support farmers in making decisions to optimize animal husbandry and enable automated, behaviour-based control of the barn climate. Overall, the ProcessPig project aims to further support animal welfare, emission reduction and the planning of freely ventilated pig houses.

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